The rules

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The rules

Post by Viva on Sat Aug 08, 2009 9:36 am

* No advertising
* No abuse
* No racism
* No shocking images and words
* No 18 + word use, no rapes
* No unnecessary messages / spam
* Try to avoid double posts
* Hack not someone else's account
* No insults.
* Members may not moderated behavior
* There should be listened to admin and moderators
* Wegpesten report by pb with evidence. Without proof is reported, there is light.
* Speak English and use normal capitalization, punctuation, quotes, ...
* If you want to use anything from this site, you'll need permission from me!

* You're a wolf and no other animal
* Keep it as realistic as possible
* Double Accounts may, but not exaggerating
* Your account must have a wolf name
* You can not be on al lots places at the same time
* Dying, think about it before you do it!
* You can not kill a wolf without the permission of the player
* You can't judge about the injuries or actions of other wolves
* Keep up the storyline of the topic
* Post in the right wolf, and not one of your accounts under a other name

These rules could and will be changed if we think it's necessary!

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